GADLING'S TAKE FIVE: Week of March 5

My goodness! The time has come once again to reflect and/or catch
up on some of Gadling’s finer moments this past week. Without further delay let’s jump right into things with this
week’s list:

5. Spring Break
Travel Safety:

The last thing on any Spring Breaker’s mind is the word safety, but I strongly encourage all
you in pursuit of booze, beach, babes and boys to check out this fine piece from Community Dispatch online. At the very
least you could even print the article and give it to your worrisome loved ones to show them you are thinking not only
about parties, but your well-being as well. They’ll love you for it.

4. Horseback Riding in Mongolia:
Neil covering the lesser exlpored parts of the globe in his daily Red Corner series once-upon-a-time remote areas have
come alive again. Earlier this week he pointed out the best way to see Mongolia which happens to be by horseback. You
see Mongolia and horseback riding are synonymous, it is the horse lover’s paradise and the only way to experience the
vast untouched land. If Mongolia is anywhere on your radar, go now, saddle up, giddy up, do whatever and check this one

3. Eat More Goat:

Having gobbled
down on some good ole’ mouth-watering goat roti a number of times during my present travels I was real excited to
discover this piece on eating more of the animal here in America. Erik does an excellent job pointing us to this piece
from the LA Times which suggests adding more goat to your diet. Yummy!  While many American’s may have started
ordering goat on a regular basis there are several folks ever faithful to their chicken and beef missing out on all the
culinary splendors goat brings to the taste buds.

2. Traveling Book Clubs:

Bookworms have
often been regarded as hermits who only dream of seeing the world by way of the recycled paperback books they hide
behind with their coke-bottled glasses, but tis’ is far from true. In fact there are outfitters in the world that cater
to literature loving clients by sending them to locales where the book takes place. Ever dream of the Italy depicted in
the works of Hemingway, Henry James or Lord Byron? Then take a pause from your reading and step out onto the very
streets that caused such inspiration.

1. Urban Explorer at Explorer’s Club:
People often marvel at men who go great lengths to walk the Sahara or summit some outrageous and dangerous mountain
peak and while that makes pretty exciting dinner conversation, I can’t deny my admiration for the men and women who are
equally in tune with their own city’s secrets. Urban Explorers is what they go by and they have a club of their own. If
the concept of spending little cash and hitting the boulevards around your own town seems like a boring and less than
thrilling idea to you, perhaps it’s time you freshened your approach or try reading the fascinating links Erik provides
us with this week.