Red Corner: Carpathian Skiing

We’ve posted a few times about the great ski deals to be had behind the former Iron Curtain. Today’s post continues with this theme by covering a brand new resort in the Carpathian Mountains that you’ve undoubtedly never heard of.

The Carpathians pass through scenic Ukraine and get plenty of the white stuff throughout winter. A handful of Soviet era resorts have operated in the region for a number of years. The most popular, Dragobrat, was recently upgraded with European equipment and at only 40 cents per lift remains a great deal.

Investors, however, realized that the Carpathians had potential for so much more. As a result, they raised $125 million to begin building a brand new resort in the area. Bukovel, as it is now called, plans to eventually expand to two dozen lifts and 75 miles of trails and by 2010, be larger than Vail and Whistler. It is currently operating with 6 lifts, however, and is still a great deal at just 19 euros for a day pass (although it is not the easiest place to get to). Check out the site for some impressive photos of what to expect. If you really want to shed some tears, click on their live webcams to see tons of snow and almost no people in sight.

Bukovel may not be a household name right now, but if plans go accordingly, it will be soon. So pack your skies and get a jump on the resort before everyone else learns about it.