Flamenco in Spain

When I was living in , I took the opportunity on
more than one occasion to head to Malaga and Andalusia
to attend Flamenco and various dance festivals in these places. No, I’m not a dancer and not really ev3en a dancing
fan. In fact, put me on the dance floor in the average club and unless I’ve just had a few stiff ones, I look a lot
like the scarecrow from Wizard of Oz…that is to say the Scarecrow with a severe back problem and mild
retardation. But I did enjoy those experiences, if just because the food and culture in that part of are so rich and
lively. And the food…oh, don’t even get me started on the chiringuitos.

So it is with some knowledge and experience that I recommend to you the “Routes to Flamenco
travel series being promoted by the tourist board of Andalusia. In mid-May there will be the opportunity for flamenco lessons, ample displays of
flamenco, and I’m enough fino (Spanish sherry) to loosen anyone up enough to try their hand at this very sexy,
very dramatic dance style. The events tied to the series will take place in cities like Sevilla, Malaga and Archidona.