Squaw Valley Prom

has a place in my heart. I worked there my first "sort of" job after college. A buddy of
mine and I skied nearly every day, and I "worked" as one of those cheesy photographer guys that wait for you
at the top of the lift hoping to snap and sell you a picture of yourself. There are always interesting and sometimes
odd things going on at Squaw, and one of the more interesting events of this time of year is the Squaw Valley Prom. Imagine yourself taking a few killer runs and up and down
KT-22 and then donning your frilly pink tux with a legion of skiers and drunken locals at the Plaza Bar. The disco bash
is teeming with top skiing athletes and you can relive those painful high school days, perhaps redeeming yourself by
actually dancing close with some ski bunny to the strains of 80’s music. The prom takes place tonight and will
cost you $50 per couple or $100 to go stag. But me thinks you might need to be well connected if you want to go because
tix look to be sold out.