The Nikon P1

As an avid photographer, I love to keep an eye on the
newest advances in camera technology. I moved over to digital as most early adopters did a few years ago, but have kept
my film camera around, a Nikon, just in case. It’s actually weird to think of that camera as a beater-upper, as I do
now. When I bought it, it was top of the line.

Anyway, I’d like to point out a new
camera for the point-and-click crowd from Nikon. The Nikon P1 does some pretty amazing stuff. Perhaps
most amazingly, it wirelessly transmits pictures from camera to computer, allowing you to manage your pics on the move.
In an interesting meld of camera and computer, you can also create a constantly-updated slide show and the P1 will
update it with new pictures as you snap.

And the pictures have some heft. With eight megapixels, we talking serious
resolution, especially for a pocket camera. You also get the top of the line Nikon technology and lensing, so you know
this ain’t some crappy point and shoot. So altogether a pretty cool little device. Oh, and what will it cost you?
The P1 runs about $550.