Reversible Destiny Digs

Call me a spoil-sport or
one lacking little imagination, but these colorful, wacky apartments found in the Tokyo suburb of Mitaka are awful.
Okay, maybe not awful, but a bit too eccentric even for my tastes and something like a mixture between Alice in
Wonderland, Ronald McDonald’s Playland and scenes from Being John
. So maybe they’re sorta cool to gawk at on a trip to the city, but surely not for everyday living.

While the $750,000 price tag might seem like the icing on the cake it is the purposely designed, built-in
discomfort of the oddly shaped geometric Reversible Destiny
dig’s interior that throws things overboard. Shusaku Arakawa (artist) and Madeline Gins (poet), creators of the complex
believe people shouldn’t relax. They shouldn’t
decline. Especially those in their golden years. To give you an idea of the interior think electric light switches
located in strange places so you’ll have to paw at the wall for the right one, a grainy, surfaced floor that slopes
erratically, a sunken kitchen and glass doors in the veranda so small you have to crawl out. My question – why on Earth
would anyone wish to crawl out their doors for $750,000?

via Gridskipper