A Site About Airline Meals

Just when you thought there were Web sites about
everything under the sun, there comes a site entirely about airline food.

Who knew that such a mundane topic could lead someone to put so much effort into such an odd topic?

OK, we’re not that surprised. And truth be told, I found this site rather interesting, if not weirdly useful. It
provides a break down of all meals served by various airlines aroun the world, as well as menus for first class meals
(just so proletarians like you and I can say, ahhh, that’s what they eat up there).

But that’s just
the beginning. There is also an entire section dedicated to old meals from the 70 and 80s, illustrated with many
stomach-turning photos. Sure it’s arcana of the first degree, but I give this site an enthusiastic thumbs up for
cataloguing an obscure bit of airline history. The pictures alone are worth it.