Bratislava Parties – WP Video

such a satisfying thing (as a video producer) to see so much more fine video making its way to the Web. Remember the
days when any documentary video you saw tended to be repurposed stuff from Television? Now, we’re seeing so much more
quality story-telling coming out from major news outlets. I love it.

And so I offer here a link to a really
fine video piece done by
the Washington Post
on Bratislava. That wonderful nature of video is that you get such a rich experience learning
bout a place and the things happening there. No secret that pictures are worth a thousand words. And in the case of
this video, where we learn about the waves of Europeans heading to Bratislava because of cheap airfares. The informed
(where such matter are concerned) also get to learn about European stag parties, which are a major draw to this booming
East European city.