Despite its
similar-sounding name, Groople says right at the top of its
own page that it is NOT associated with Google. That’s certainly what I was thinking. But what is Groople, then? Well,
Groople is a sight that may be of some interest to travelers. Groople helps groups of travelers to together find
flights, hotel rooms, cruise accommodations and car rentals. An interesting concept.  So if
you’re doing travel arrangements or trying to put together, say, a wedding, a fraternity party, a family reunion, you
might turn to Groople to help coordinate and book for the entire group. And members of the group would be able to join
and add themselves to a group’s activities.  You can search flights for up to five
passengers at a time and search for hotels with space to accommodate your posse. So Web 2.0 Haven’t tried it yet, but
you gotta admit, a cool idea.