Honoring Guinness

As we gear up for St. Patrick’s Day, spare a thought for the holy water of the Emerald Isle:

This dark bitter beer has gushed from the teat of Ireland since the 19th century and continues providing sustenance
and joy even today.  It is indeed a national treasure and one which is saluted and honored as often as
possible.  I had never tried it before traveling to Ireland but grew to enjoy it once there.  It is an
acquired taste and certainly not for everyone. 

Nonetheless, a trip to Ireland remains incomplete if one does not tour the Guinness Brewery located in Dublin.  But, if you
can’t make it before Friday, check out the following Washington Post
to brush up on your Guinness before honoring Ireland’s patron saint with a swig of the old
stuff.  And for God’s sake, stay away from the green beer on St. Patrick’s Day; it’s