RoadJunky Friends Network

Chances are in the
process of some of your wildest trip planning schemes one of your close, conservative family members or friends
probably frowned upon your wacky notion of running that marathon in Cameroon or biking the entire length of the U.S.,
but deep in your heart you knew better than to think your idea was too far-fetched to be achieved. You knew 
thousands of people felt the way you do and it was only a matter of finding them. Rallying up your couch-potato pals
back home in Montana should no longer be one of your headaches in adventure planning with friends. Heck, let them stay
home. Bring them an oversized pencil souvenir back. Now you can rely on the assistance of another networking engine to find like minded individuals,
your better map-toting half, and even someone to practice the local tongue with you (language folks, language) at RoadJunky.
Use it if you’re bored, procrastinating on
some grueling corporate project, or in dire need of a buddy to accompany you on your crusade through the Congo to
protect say, the chimps. You’re not alone.