Thus Passeth the Inventor of the McNugget

With Neil honoring Guinness and the beverag-ariffic joys
that this hearty drink has brought, let us also pause for a moment and bow our heads to mourn the passing of a man
whose gustatory inventions brought us great happiness, and who has passed upwards into the great fat fryer in the sky.

You may not know the name – Robert C. Baker – but you know his work. Mr. Baker, who died yesterday
at the ripe and rather foul-smelling age of 84, was the creator of some of our most cherished processed food products.
Mr. Baker, virtually alone (albeit with the hlp from some poultry) came up with the idea of the chicken McNugget. Call
him the Thomas Edison of fast food, Mr. Baker was a pioneer of poultry innovations, and for that we hail thee! May you
stride through heaven’s Golden Arches like a colossus. May the denizens of your new celestial world be equally
blessed with chicken nuggets, strips and fingers. And may there be ample honey mustard sauce in which to dip them.