Top Ten Places for St. Patty's

OK, these are rather ambitious, and since it is already St. Patrick’s Day, they might be best left for next year. But
I think you will still find the list inviting,
useful and, if you’re Irish, satisfyingly educational. The list includes the top ten places to go today to experience
your Irish roots. So all you red heads get your printers fired up and put this on paper and hang it on your fridge.

So what’s on the list? Well, first they go to my town, New York City, and send you over to Fifth Avenue at 44th
Street. That is where the New York St. Patrick’s Day Parade starts. This year the Fighting 69th Regiment, just back from
Iraq, will lead the parade.

Then head to Doyle’s Café in Boston, perhaps our most Irish city and one
of the most famous Irish-American political pubs around. Cross country and check in on Butte, Montana which, and I had
no idea this was the case, one of the largest Irish-American populations per capita lives. It all goes back to building
the railroads and all the Irish that joined in that effort. And today, Butte is one of the loveliest little old towns in
the country. In fact, I believe it is the film location of the recent Vim Wenders film.

So that’s just
part of the list. Check out the USA Today article
for the rest.