Word for the Travel Wise (03/17/06)

I get pretty darn excited
when I’m able to find information online on some of the world’s lesser known langs or those specific to one of the many
tribes or groups of people in Africa. First reason being, I’ve been known to drill a person for ten new vocabulary
words in their native tongue upon initial meeting and secondly because now we all learn in the comfort and privacy of
our own homes. This gives us plenty of time to perfect any rolling of the ‘R’ or nasal techniques associated with
certain languages without being laughed at too much. (Notice I said "too much.") French is the official
language of west African country Senegal, but there is a second mother tongue used in the area by 80 percent of the

Today’s word is a Wolof word used in


thanks/thank you

According to this Wolof Online
, most Wolof speaking people believe their language is quite difficult and even un-teachable to those
passionately wanting to communicate in the lingua. The website also believes if there is a will there is a way which is
why you can find primer courses on Wolof there as well. Wiki has a small list of words on their information guide. You’ll notice
the word used in today’s lesson above there and should be able to make good use of this one during your travels in
Senegal or Gambia and Mauritania where Wolof is also spoken. Scroll further down on the Wiki and the Wolof Online sites
to find additional links and resources to help in your Wolof endeavors.