Africa Travel: Sao Tome & Principe

Coffee certainly may not be
my beverage of choice, but I can’t deny wanting to spend a day or so in cocoa plantations across various lands that
boast greatness in each cup of the stimulating aromatic drink. Like most processes the process of farming and tending
to the bean-like seed before they ever make it to a humming 6 AM Starbucks machine intrigues me. Perhaps it’s the rural
people who day in and day out devote their lives to making sure the crops are plentiful. Who knows?

In the
event you (or me) never make it to Sao Tome & Principe,
the Portuguese speaking west African islands in the Gulf of Guinea there’s always this excellent IFAD gallery of photos to turn to. The photos take us on a tour
through the cocoa bean process and the lives of the hardworking natives who live off the industry. Very cool way to
check out Sao Tome & Principe before planning travel to the area if it’s anywhere close on your list of
destinations to visit.