Montezuma's Revenge

not sure why Montezuma is always so vengeful, and what it is I’ve done to piss him off, but for whatever reason he
has extracted the sweet taste of revenge numerous times upon my travel-weary body.

Montezuma’s Revenge, diarrhea, Hershey’s Squirt; Call it what you will, but nothing short of an airline
crash ruins your vacation as slippery quick as loose bowels.  I’ve actually been rather fortunate considering
the number of hygienicly unsound countries I’ve visited (I would advise, by the way, not to eat street food in

Nonetheless, on those occasions when it hits, it hits hard (I would advise, by the way, not to eat street food in
Uzbekistan and then take a long bus ride on a bumpy dirt road).

I’m usually pretty good at avoiding the traveler’s curse by following simple rules such as no ice cubes
in my drinks, brushing my teeth with bottle water, and no French-kissing the tequila shot girl in Tijuana. 

So, if you’ve made it this far without clicking off this horrible post, you’ve probably suffered as I
have and are hoping for some wise words of advice.  Well, here they are: check out this great LA Times article on how
to deal with this oh-so-nasty ailment.  It will make any future trips to Uzbekistan far superior to what I