Eagle Egg on Santa Cruz Island

Some folks here might remember the post I did last summer
about the Channel Islands. I was out there with a bunch of buddies doing some kayaking and camping, and we had a
glorious time. The islands really are one of the great hidden gems of California outdoors life, and I’d advise anyone
making plans to California to give a trip out there some thought.

The islands are rather dry and quiet, but
you can hike all over the place and some of the vistas from the high cliffs are amazing. The sea kayaking is also
supurb, especially on Santa Cruz island, where you paddle through a series of amazing sea caves.

speaking of Santa Cruz Island, I came across this
bit of interesting news
. I just have to call this one out because I’m such a big fan of the islands. Turns out that
for the first time in more than 50 years, an eagle laid an egg in a nest on the island. Is ths earth-shattering news?
No, but the naturalist in me thought it was pretty cool.