No-Rooz: Persian New Year

Today marks the celebration of yet another New Year in the distant lands of Iran and elsewhere I’m sure, but for
now we turn our attention to the No-Rooz or "New Day" in
the Middle Eastern country. Iran Chamber online has detailed information involving some of the rituals and traditions
associated with Zoroastrian (the religion of ancient Persia before the advent of Islam) along with info on how the
present days to come will be spent among family and friends. If you’ve a moment to spare I highly suggest using it to
view some of the rich, colorful photos on the site as well soaking in some of the literature provided to help us all
better understand the event as they head into the year 1385. There is way too much for me to even begin to summarize
here, but I’ll leave you with these No-Rooz greetings found at

No-Rooz Mobarak (Happy New Year)
Eid-eh Shoma Mobarak (Happy New Year to you)
No-Rooz Pirooz (Wishing you a
propersous New Year)
Sad Saal be in Saal-ha (Wishing you 100 more Happy New Years)