Best Cave Hotels

couldn’t resist this article in The Independent when I came across its tantalizing headline, “Five Best: Cave hotels.”

I really enjoyed my first and only night I slept in a cave when visiting the Cappadocia region of Turkey.  The
air was a little musty and the accommodations sparse, but it was an awesome experience nonetheless.  I’d
heard of other cave hotels around the world but thought them all to be on par with my Turkish experience.  But
this is not the case.

Entrepreneurial troglodytes have converted a handful of caves into luxuriant, first class accommodations. 
Apparently there aren’t enough to warrant a top ten list, but the five The Independent came up with seem
rather impressive on their own.  

I was pleased to see Cappadocia on the list—albeit a
different place than where I stayed.  The other hotels mentioned are located in a mineshaft in Australia; a former monastery in Rochecorbon, France; the romantic cliff-side town of Oia on the Greek island
of Santorini; and the coast of Jamaica.   The Jamaican cave hotel seems particular opulent and at
$515 a night, it damn well should be.