Head to Honduras and the Bay Islands

Years ago I was passing through
Central America on a long, long trip back from Chile and making my way to Los Angeles. Along the way, I saw many of our
planet’s Central American countries, but very few of them did I get to see up close and personal. As a diver, the one
place I really wanted to see and experience is Honduras’ Bay islands,
where the diving is said to be spectacular, if the accommodations can be rather spare.

Well, right now there
are some cool deals to be had to make your way to Honduras…$675 for a week of accommodations, if this article is to be believed.

While the country
is not a hot bed of typical tourism, which is a good if not great thing, it can be challenging, but a great place to
go. And for US-based folks, it’s cool to know that Honduras is a mere three hours flight from Miami. The cultural
experience of Honduras is also rich and varied, with numerous  indigenous and mixed origin language groups, as
well as great music and food. And as I mentioned, there are the Bay Islands, which lie just thirty-five miles off the
coast. The reefs there are said the be the Western hemisphere’s excuse for the Great Barrier Reef. The resorts
there – Roatan, Utila, and Guanaja – are big time hot. So check out this piece and give the matter some thought. Oh,
and as the article points out here, Honduras is one of the cheapest places round to get certified.