Travel Podcasts

We’ve really enjoyed doing or podcasts here, and have some
solid plans to do more in the near future. But you should be aware that there are quite a few podcasts related to travel
already out there. Why, you can just go to the itunes Podcast travel channel and see how many there are. And then there
is also this short list I just discovered
over at TravelPost. They list about 20 of them, a few of which I’ve heard (I like the Budget Travel podcasts. I think
they’re done pretty well), and includes podcasts from:

 Virgin Atlantic
The Connected Traveler
The Travel Show’s podcasts
Irish Fireside podcasts for traveling Ireland
Italy Guides
Snowboard Magazine podcast

Campsite Podcasts for camping in

Budacast for visiting Budapest

Just for starters. Head over to TravelPost for the ful list.