Word for the Travel Wise (03/22/06)

I’m going to spare all the chit-chat for the sake of providing a well thought out game plan in achieving greater language capabilities after today’s word lesson. Not because the language is spoken by billions of people globally, but simply because I have nothing clever to say at the moment. It’s just one of those days.

Today’s word is a Sri Lankan Tamil word used in Sri Lanka:

vanakkam – hello

Tamil is only one of several langs heard in this Southeast Asian country and is not considered an official one for the record. Also spoken in certain areas of India, Malaysia, and Singapore the Tamil language like most, is best picked up on when listening to the pronunciation of speakers within each country. Web resources for leaning online include Ominglot’s guide to written language, Tamil Nation (everything you want to know about Tamil – almost), LearnTamil.com, and Tamil.net. None of the links seemed to knock my socks off or really impress me to go into great detail about them today, but there is most certainly a thing or possibly two to learn.

Past words from Sri Lanka: hari shook