Killing Santa Cruz Island's Pigs

I’ve got a few photos around here somewhere of a very good friend
of mine stalking a feral pig on Santa Cruz Island. He has a machete like object in his hand, and he looks very
determined to go "Lord of the Flies" on us. The picture comes from a trip I took with some fiends to Santa
Cruz Island in the Channel Islands some 8 months ago. Of course, no pigs were hurt. They were far too fast for him. The
islands are a blast, though. We set up camp on the island and hung out for a few days of outdoor recreation and, well,
let’s say sedentary recreation.

Anyway, I
was amused to learn
that the campsites on the island were recently reopened after being closed so that National park
Service gunmen could go in and try to wipe out the feral pig population on the island. There were LOTS of feral pigs out
there. We saw several families of them, running about, squealing, and generally looking both cute and disgusting. But
you knew just watching them, that they’d have to be gotten rid of eventually.

And so it goes.

Officials say the hunters have eliminated the pigs from about 85 percent of the land, and about 4,800 of them
have already been killed. My guess is they will never get all of them, but that once a year, they should open the
island up to fathers and sons who can go in with guns and kill as many pigs a they like. That way you both foster
family values and get rid of the pigs.