Gadling Spring Cleaning: Saree Shopping

One more day and your
spring cleaning chores will have come to an end. Since you will have been one of few to finish the task before the
weekend you’ll get to sit back, relax and finally plan your trip to one of the destinations featured in this short-run
series to claim your valuable new spring attire. (Your closet should be looking pretty empty by now.) All this is
getting ahead of ourselves though. I’m sure the women still have much more work to do than the men so I’m tossing
another item to help re-clutter your closet your way.

Today’s recommendation: Scour the internet for a
beautiful handwork saree and get ready to explore exotic India. The saree is a piece of fabric 5-6 yards in width which
isn’t really a dress but must be draped correctly in order to achieve a fully dressed effect. It is a traditional
garment in India and comes in a multitude of colors and styles. There are quite a few sites online to help one learn
about the history of saree and purchase as well with a few listed below. Start your shopping at Home India who looks to be
tossing in some pretty sweet embroidered mojaris (shoes) with any handwork saree purchase.

Other spots to
look into:

  • – Saree
    how-to and selection for sale.
  • Saree
    – Amazing collection of casual and fancy saree for purchase.
  • Daily Candy – Part II on their guide to India
    this spring.
  • Incredible India – Everything you need to know
    about travel in India. Check out the events page to see wear you might want to  sport your saree.