Africa Travel: Sudan

I know I’ve basically wrapped up my guide to help put some new gear into your closet for spring, but I saw this photo and couldn’t resist tossing in one more for the road. I discovered this awesome image (taken by Vit Hassan) of camels sauntering across the desert. camel slippers stacked up somewhere in the Omdurman market out of Sudan on TrekEarth in twj Thornton’s incredible gallery. In his caption he explains how much camels mean to Arabs and Africans and their various uses. As for the market, it appears to be one of Sudan’s more notable spots full of history as well as spice filled stalls.

Sudan is a North African country bordering the Red Sea, between Egypt and Eritrea. Military and government activity such as occasional bombing raids in the south keep many travelers weary of Sudan. Be sure to check updates before rushing out.