Word for the Travel Wise (03/24/06)

In one of Neil’s posts earlier today he points out two things to
remember about Iceland. The first is how exceedingly expensive travel within the country can be and secondly how it’s
well worth digging deep into your pockets to pull out the very last of your Krona, pocket change, chewing gum, and
those little lent-like balls that form from doing laundry. Even if he didn’t say it exactly like that I’m sure that’s
what he had in mind and with Iceland still ranking pretty high on my own list of places to get to I often question what
I would exchange or give to experience this small piece of heaven on Earth?

Today’s word is an Icelandic word used in Iceland:

himnaríki – heaven
Last time I hit you with a word from
the lingo
I mentioned nature in Iceland (specifically the highlands)
being under a major attack and from the looks of it the destruction is still taking place. If you care even a little
you’ll want to check out what has many of the citizens in a fit.

In the meantime and from afar we will work
on our vocab. Háskóli Íslands, one of the universities offers an excellent free starter course to learning Icelandic. Pictures, text, and audio
for sample conversations are included. European Youth Portal points out
other sources of study within the country and distance learning. I’ve met several speakers with My Language Exchange.

Past Icelandic words: söngkona/söngvari