Checking in on Tom Haines

One of my favorite young travel writers around today is
Tom Haines, who does the travel writing thing over at the Boston Globe. He was a winner of the prestigious Lowell Thomas Award…last year, I think…and I thought the Crossing Divides series he did for the Globe was
absolutely killer. As a video journalist myself, I would have jumped on that gig in a second. Good for the Globe, too,
to send someone out to take on such an expensive, but fascinating and valuable endeavor.

Anyway, we’ve
blogged about Haines’ blog before, but we thought
we’d check back in with him. Seems he’s been spending some time lately in Latin America, with visits to Mexico and Chile. I was especially intrigued by the
Chile posts, since I lived there for a little while and had been the Pablo Neruda’s place myself, which Haines blogs
about. So pay a visit to Haines’ lil spot on the Web, and tell him we sent ya.