Dead Sea Float

There are some who say you  haven’t lived until
you’ve floated in the Dead Sea. I’m not so sure. I was in Israel for my honeymoon several years ago, and we
stopped off to do a Dead Sea float to see what the hullabaloo was all about. The hullabaloo, dear friends, smells bad.
Yes, despite all of the proclaimed therapeutic effects of Dead Sea water for your skin and sprit, the simple fact is
the water smells like rotten eggs and well, other stuff that I can’t quite remember, but which I think have something
to do with garbage.

Now, all that said, floating in the Dead Sea is also fun. It is. The salt content in the
Dead Sea (really a big salty lake…well, a big SHRINKING salty lake) is so high, that the water is more dense than
regular water. That means when you put your body into it, you actually don’t sink as far down into the surface. That is
a very interesting experience, let me tell you, to have your body "elevated" a few inches higher in the water
than you are used to. Makes you wonder a bit whether Jesus was just a really light guy and maybe they were talking
about the Dead Sea when they said he walked on water. Dunno, just a thought.

And since we’re on the subject
of the Dead Sea and floating and health, well, here’s
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about that very subject.