Rough Guides World Party Competition

Are you an aspiring
travel writer by day and raving party animal by night? Do you enjoy frequenting the world’s biggest festivals,
streaking down cobble-stone paths covered in mud, running with the bulls, making love at the Love Parade or taking one
tequila shot after another in Nawlins’ during Mardi Gras? If you’ve been there and done that I’m sure you’ve got some
wild stories to prove it, unless what goes on at Burning Man stays at Burning Man. Don’t be shy – sharing your tales
and lesser of the incriminating photos of your adventures at some of the world’s biggest fetes, fiestas, or parties
could land you and a pal in good old New Orleans for Mardi Gras in 2007. Rough Guides is looking for the 411 from travel writing party goers all
over for their new book Rough Guide World Party: The Global Festival
. Wouldn’t it be something if your wild tale made the cut? Get going, start writing and check out the
rules. Call for entries closes May 31, 2006.

Did I mention photos? Yes you’ll need to send in four digi
photos as well. Not that they don’t take your word for it. They just want to see your P.U.I. (photography under the
influence) skills.