Word for the Travel Wise (03/26/06)

How time flies! It’s been quite sometime
since I covered an Italian word and considering its usage I better get on the ball, right? Without further delay let’s
dive back into this awesome language by feeding our brains with a word that provides direction or will assist in
helping you ask for them.

Today’s word is an Italian word used in Italy:

Dov’é – Where is…

No more getting lost, unless that is your travel style of course. Italian is yet another Romance lang spoken by
some 70 million people primarily in Italy. Beautiful indeed. Seeing how popular the language is there isn’t much
difficulty finding learning resources on the web. I’m a little unsure about what’s going on with this June29 site, but they have three very simple lessons to get your
learning motors going. You might find the BBC your one stop shop
in handling your needs. Dictionaries, lessons, audio, and slang are all included. Distance learning is always
recommended in my book. Check out some of these programs abroad where you can study in various cities across the
country and even Lugano, Switzerland. A few links to study abroad are as follows: Amerispan, World Link
, and ILUSS. Head over to this Italian Book Store for suggested text.

Italian words: qualcosa