A Brief Word about Spontaneous Travel

Spontaneous travel is rare in life, but when it occurs it is fabulously

Case in point: Saturday at noon I was sitting at home in Los Angeles talking on the phone with my girlfriend who
was at a conference in San Francisco.  Over the course of a 15 minute conversation, I learned that my college
team, UCLA, was playing in the Elite Eight in San Francisco (I had thought they were playing on the other side of the
country).  I also remembered that Gogol Bordello, after their
Friday show in LA, was also playing in San Francisco Saturday night. 

By 12:30 I had reservations on a 2:00 Southwest flight.  I made it to the airport by 1:00, arrived in San
Francisco at 3:30, caught a BART bus to the Oakland Sports Arena by 4:00 and, by tip-off, was sitting in a seat my
girlfriend had procured from a scalper a mere two hours earlier. 

After the game, which UCLA
, we headed out to dinner, and then to a club called Slim’s where we tipped the doorman $50 to let the two
of us into the sold-out Gogol
show.  By 2 a.m. we were wiped out.  A quick cab back to the very hip and cool, highly
recommended Ian Schrager hotel Clift, and then it was night-night. 

Wow, a 13 hour whirlwind tour.  I’m out-of-pocket a few hundred dollars, but it sure was fun!  I
highly recommend such spontaneity if you can squeeze it in!  You only live once.