Delicious, Mouth-Watering Kangaroo

There have been many a time where the words "I’ll eat anything" have tumbled from my tongue
usually following a ferocious growl from my stomach, but sometimes I go back on my exaggerated outcry for food. I won’t
anything. I won’t eat lobster, crab, liver or even liverworst. I once wrote on a napkin while dining in Madrid to never
eat another crawfish so long as I live. (I still have the napkin.) And I don’t care how good your mother makes it, I’ve
tried them all and the taste-buds don’t agree. However, this piece isn’t about me and my pabulum dislikes. It’s about
the things people will eat.

Take Marjie Lambert who writes for the Miami Herald about her dining adventures in Sydney, Australia. In
the beginning of her journey for fine dining with an unusual assortment of all things edible she found herself
consuming a large number of seafood dishes. Mahi Mahi, shrimp-fried dumplings, Balmain bugs and barrimundi all made way
to her palate, but she had eyes for other things. Things like kangaroo. She keeps the
details on trying the roo brief, but doesn’t deny it’s delicious taste though it was too spicy to really distinguish
the real kangaroo taste. If it’s your first time in Australia, don’t expect to find the animal on every menu. It is
considered a novelty dish.

Reading this makes me wonder. Would I too eat kangaroo? Does it really taste
like beef? I suppose I could take a Joey down if I had to, but they’re so gosh darn cute!