Word for the Travel Wise (03/27/06)

Last time I ventured out to give
instruction in the Korean language my lesson began with mention of my craving for bibim bap with no real explanation of the food. In
fact, bibim bap could have very well been our word for that particular day, but I decided to keep things moving at an
accelerated pace hoping you’d be curious or hungry enough to seek some of the dishes out on your own turf. Perhaps some
of you did. Many of you probably didn’t. (tsk, tsk, tsk) To continue in our Korean language study I’m tossing another
word out for all the foodies.

Today’s word is a Korean word used in Korea:

sollongtang – bone and internals soup

Believe me when I say you’ll want to know this word. For those who enjoy the taste of
various ox bones, brisket shank and beef tongue you’ll probably take the soup down with no problems or questions asked.
The rest of you will kindly disoblige. For more vocab words found on the menu check out Korea infogate. Several more words in the Korean
alphabet with excellent pronunciation guides can be found at Mr. Oh’s
Learn Korean
website. It’s a fun place to start to learn the basics. KBS World Radio has a three part, 30 chapter online
learning guide all for free. I can’t get the hangul text to show up, but they’ve got sound clips of all the sample
conversations available. Learn Korean dot net has most of the aforementioned
along with a forum to meet other speakers both fluent natives and beginners. For a list of Korean language programs in
the country click here.

Past Korean words: shik-sah