Czech Beer Baths

In the Czech Republic “It’s
Miller Time” has taken on a bubbly new meaning.

A family brewery in the country has started a new spa
concept in the company’s beer cellar; a concept that includes not just drinking the sudsy stuff, but bathing in

Yes, this very well may be the stuff of foamy dreams for legions of fraternity men: soaking in beer as
you drink it, and being massaged by attractive East European women…all that’s needed is a plasma screen
showing Gladiator.

The idea is the brainchild of the Chodovar Family brewery in Chodova Plana who say that the
concept will appeal (and you must admit it, there truly is appeal here) to men who are put off by ‘posh’ traditional
spas. So what’s a beer bath going to cost you? Looks like the cost for a weekend package will be in the $150-200