Free Ways to Travel

The first
hindrance for most of us when it comes to travel is the matter of time. How can you get the days/weeks/months off work
to do a trip right? The second issue is money. Face it, to get anywhere really good, you usually need to hop aboard a
plane, and while JetBlue and other carriers often have good deals to get you where you
want to go, you’re not always certain there will be flights available for your price range.

But what if
you could travel for free? Pretty sweet idea, eh? Well the Budget Travel people have got some suggestions for you. Their
Ultimate Guide to Free
, part of the April issue, is full of pointers for the penurious. From drive-away car rentals, to home
exchanges and house-sitting opps, there are free travel possibilities out there. One of the suggestions they provide is
the Rotary Ambassadorial Fellowships, which yours
did for a year in Chile. And let me say it was one of the best experiences of my life. You have numerous
obligations to fulfill as part of the experience, but they are all in their own way fulfilling, and actually help you
fit into and become a part of the culture in your temporary home country.