iPod Resources

Many years ago, the only bit of technology a
traveler needed was a compass.  These days, it’s an object only slightly larger: an

Apple’s wonderful iPod has evolved from a music player to an electronic jack-of-all-trades.  In
the process, it has become almost indispensable for travelers.  Keeping up with all the latest wonders this
miraculous device can perform, however, is a full time job.  I was therefore relieved to come across the following
article in National
Geographic Traveler
addressing this very issue. 

In addition to the obvious, music, journalist
Andrew Nelson provides information and links for a bevy of MP3 applications and downloads that will make your next trip
far more enjoyable: podcasts, maps, guidebooks, audio books, video, photo storage, and more.  My new favorite
application?  Downloadable subway maps for 23 cities around the
globe.  Now, if my iPod could only tell me which direction is north, I can finally throw away my trusty