Word for the Travel Wise (03/29/06)

Here’s a cool little lesson on the various ways to describe a camel in Somali, 46 to be exact. The author of the blog asks that we don’t take their word for all variations, but considering how little I know about Somali now I think I’ll take my chances of picking one and passing it onto you.

Today’s word is a Somali word used in Somalia:

qaalin – young camel

Since Somali isn’t spoken by a large population learning the language online for free will be a difficult task to accomplish. You maybe able to find an exchange partner online at My Language Exchange, provided there are Somali speakers registered with the site. Your best bet would be travel within the country, finding a local tutor or purchasing language software from African Language dot com. Their CD-ROM is priced at $99 USD, so may wish to shop around before buying.
Past Somali words: maxaad shektay