Air Canada Deal from US

My older friend tells me an old Paul
Reiser joke that says volumes about his personal relationship with his spouse and ours with our Northern Neighbor.

Sex with his wife, he says, is like Canada. It’s right there, but you never go.

Well, now you can!
Go to Canada, that is. Sex with your wife is your own business…but do send pictures. JK. So, yes, if you have long
wondered what Canadians look like, how their customs are different than ours, how they dress and speak (you might
consider language classes before you go…Canadian can be a very difficult language to master) then you should consider
booking a ticket on Air Canada.

Coming this summer, Air Canada plans to add two daily nonstop routes between
the United States and Toronto. On June 2, they will introduce a daily flight serving Salt Lake City and on July 1 will offer nonstop service between San Diego and Toronto. What do you think abooot that, eh?