Big Sur by Boat

One of my favorite things about California’s coastline
is how much it changes from South to North. From barren, sandy beaches where the waves break perfectly (the South) to
rocky cliffs and redwoods kissing the surf (the North), the California Coast therefore offers different kinds of fun
depending on what you like to do.

National Geographic Adventure has got a nice little piece on
paddling Big Sur. This is surely one of the great California trips. I was in the Channel Islands paddling just a few
weeks ago, and one of the guides there mentioned Big Sur to me when I asked him about other great Cali locales, so it
was with a dose of pleasant surprise that I came across this story in Nat Geo.

The swells in the area
can be dangerous, and of course it is close to the notoriously Great White rich feeding grounds of Piedras Blancas, but
it’s ridiculously rare for sharks to attack kakayers…not that this makes the thought of paddling among them any

A couple of local outfitters are mentioned if this trip is of interest. Big Sur Kayak Adventures offers paddling trips, as does
Cambria-based Sea for Yourself Kayak Outfitters. Trips with
these guys will run you a bit less than $100…easily worth it.