Word for the Travel Wise (03/31/06)

This year Poland will play
host to the 72nd International Camping & Caravanning Rally to be
held in Wroclaw, an area situated in southwestern Poland. The rally begins July 27, 2006 and runs through August 6,
2006. From the many details on their site you can bet on exploring Poland’s beautiful outdoors in addition to spending
an evening indoors dining on traditional Polish foods. They welcome you to visit and learn more about the country
before making way this summer.

Today’s word is a Polish word used in Poland:

– welcome

Interested parties can further their skills by visiting this Skwierzyna site for an Adobe PDF filled with excellent info and
dictionary of Polish facts. Additional sites include Anglik for very
basic info, Skwierzyna.net for additional links, and Angielski to learn Polish in Poland. Recommended pocket guides can be purchased
at Lonely Planet. Download the word above and more at BBC languages quick fix.

Polish words: doswiadczenie