Art Not Oil 2006

One last plug for the night on an oil
related story. I know several of you (especially the last minute type who have to fill up that gas guzzling tank first
thing Monday morning before heading to the office space) are trying to avoid thinking about the topic, while the rest
of you eco and money minded individs are finding clever ways to beat the system or speak out against it. For those
fortunate enough to not have to rush-in and punch somebody’s time clock and feel like whipping a little sumthin’
sumthin’ up on canvas, why not paint your petro related frustrations then submit them to the 2006 Art Not Oil exhibition?

It’s not only about high gas prices
though, think corruption and the damage done by seedy companies in the industry. You can see additional details at the
website or by visiting London Rising
. The exhibition will open in London on June 10, 2006. Closing date for entries is May 30, 2006. Sounds like
cool show to check on when in London during your summer holiday, provided the gas doesn’t break your bank beforehand.