Word for the Travel Wise (04/03/06)

Of all my travels abroad one of
the places I miss more than anything is Romania, but that could very well be due to the special memories it holds as my
very first trip abroad. Before making my way over family and friends wished me well with tons of good luck as if they
were afraid something really horrific was going to happen. And while I hate to make yet another Dracula reference in my
Romanian lang lessons, it was almost as if they thought a vampire would come crawling into my hotel room and I’m sure
you can guess the rest or if you like you can use your imaginations and create a better ending. One where the young
girl returns home safely and later becomes a blogger for an online travel site and teaches words from various

Today’s word is a Romanian word used in

no roc – good luck

If you’d like to know some real practical basics visit this Easy Romanian
site. They offer proverbs, months, numbers, and days of the week. As usual Pimsluer offers great audio
and Lonely Planet has a pocket sized phrasebook for Eastern European
langs. BBC has the quick fix holiday
with the very, very, basics of the language worth looking into.

Past Romanian words: