World Cruisers Getting Younger

From the Chicago
:  It used to be that most people who booked round-the-world cruises were older retirees.  Not
anymore, according to Bill Smith, senior vice president of sales and marketing for Los Angeles-based Crystal Cruises, a
leader in the luxury field.  "Now it’s a mix of younger and more mature people," he says. "They’re
taking the cruise to visit exotic destinations and participate in a full complement of activities."

Take Cheryl McCormick, for example.  In her thirties, unmarried and child-free at the time, she saved up to take
the opportunity to see the world — an opportunity she felt wouldn’t come as easily once she was married with a
family.  Budgeting US$65,000 for the trip, she took her computer, printers, books and videos for her
journey.   "It was like having a little apartment that moved around the world," she says.

It’s a really interesting article.  If you’ve got the money and the time to spare for one of these global
adventures, the piece also gives you contact
to book your cruise.