Almost Time for the Nesting of the Giant Leatherback Turtle

year, one of the first things our family did after moving to Trinidad, was visit the northernmost coast of the island,
in the village of Grand Riviere, to witness the nesting of the Giant Leatherback Turtles.  The experience was
amazing:  these 700-1200 pound creatures lumbering out of the sea, entering into a trance to lay up to 200 eggs,
before returning back to the deep.  The turtles — sometimes up to 200 per night —  tended to wait offshore
until nightfall to come on land and lay their eggs; however, they were often not finished with their task by daybreak,
so we woke up at dawn to see them in the light.

The experience was so wonderful, we made the cumbersome trek
to Grand Riviere twice last year — and we’re quivering with anticipation about doing it again this year.  Since my
daughter Alex will be two, and therefore a  bit more aware of what’s happening, we’re especially excited.

Nesting season begins in May and continues through August.  We’ll definitely be there next month.  Perhaps
we’ll see you there.