Word for the Travel Wise (04/05/06)

With Erik blogging earlier about paddling in Iran I felt compelled to create another Farsi
lesson for today’s course. For one, many people will probably frown on the idea of paddling Iran, thinking they’ll
stick to waters in safer countries. Secondly, this is my own opinion, but the Persian lang is something we can never
get enough of – a little French, a little Arabic and a whole lot more Parsi equals the perfect blend for a beautiful

Today’s word is a Farsi (Persian) word
used in Iran:

kheyli golabi – (very pear) a piece
of cake, a cake walk, something very easy to do, no sweat involved

Kheyli in Farsi
means very and golabi means pear. The expression as a whole means something similar to being a piece of cake.
I’m sure paddling the white water of the Sezar River, let alone telling your friends you’re going to what is considered
one of the axis of evil to do it is no easy task. Then again, if you’ve made your mind up to do it already telling your
friends and family should be a cake walk or kheyli golabi.

Excellent sites for learning Persian
online include a personal favorite called Easy Persian and Farhangsara. Both sites have an excellent beginner’s guide into the
language and use images, sound and music to assist you in the process. Check out Lonely Planet’s Farsi
(Persian) Phrasebook
for a shorthand guide at the ancient lingo.

Farsi words: be salamati, toot farangee