Goodbye Elephants in Zoos

A sad, sad story right out of my backyard.
Looks like keeping elephants around isn’t as easy as it might seem. Turns out they eat a lot and need lots of room to
roam. Who knew? And so it goes at the Bronx zoo where officials there have decided that they will shut down
their elephant exhibits when the animals they currently have die. The zoo has an their playful pachyderms on display
for almost a century. And Maxine, Patty, and Happy, who are all in their mid-30s and have lived at the zoo for most of
their lives, still have some years in them. The effort here ,as the article states ,is part of a trend across the
nation where zoos are dumping their elephants. I don’t see the problem, really? I mean, how much can an elephant really
eat? Oh, that much? Well, I guess it makes sense then.