Red Corner: Czech Beer

There is almost nothing in life Czechs love more than their beer. Sure, they’ve got great tennis and hockey players and some fine authors, but when it comes right down to it, the Czechs are far more passionate about the beer their country brews, than anything else that comes out of the Czech Republic. In fact, one of the first things Czechs will tell you about their country is that pilsner-style beer was first developed there.

Choosing a beer while visiting the Czech Republic is like choosing a wine in France-so many choices, so little time. Thankfully The Prague Post has printed a handy cheat sheet detailing local types of beers (pilsners, porters, dark lagers, etc) and recommendations for each of these categories. So, if you’re a fan of porters, for example, The Prague Post recommends you try Pardubické next time you visit the Czech Republic.

Read the list wisely and you won’t end up doing what friends of mine did on their first visit to Prague when they accidentally picked up a case of beer with the phrase bez alkohol printed on the label. It took them four or five beers each before realizing their error: bez means without.