GADLING'S TAKE FIVE: Week of April 1

Friday is wrap-up time.  That means we give you one more chance to catch some of the posts
you may have missed earlier in the week when you were cheating on us and visiting another other website.  Shame on

5. Red Corner: Walking to Russia
Here’s a great one about a British ex-paratrooper who is 7 ½ years into a 12 year journey around the
world.  And why does it take 12 years to circle the globe?  Well, try doing it on foot and you’ll

4. Palin to Explore Inside of
Cruise’s Head

Well, the title just about says it all.  As part of our April Fool’s celebration we
did a short bit on what it would be like if traveler extraordinaire Michael Palin were to journey into Tom
Cruise’s head.  It ain’t pretty, it’s comedy.

3. Baby Cone of Silence
contribution to April Fool’s Day was a fictitious product all travelers have wished for at one time or another: a
baby silencer.  Tired of that little brat hollering away in the back of an airplane?  Erik’s little
invention drops from the ceiling and muffles the noise so that we can all go back to sleep. 

2. Putting the ‘F’ Back in
Adventure Travel

How about skipping Disneyworld with the kids this year and take them kayaking in Alaska
instead?  Adrienne penned a nice post this week about the recent increase in family vacations that lean towards
the adventurous instead of the mundane.  It seems parents are opting for real outdoor attractions that don’t
require their children to “be at least this tall” in order to have their senses stimulated. 

1. Sabbaticals and Gap Years
is one of those dangerous posts you probably shouldn’t read since it will make you want to do something totally
irresponsible like quit your job and spend a year traveling.  Karen, our newest writer, fills us in on the best
way to do so.  So read up, and quit that job.