Word for the Travel Wise (04/07/06)

Time to get hip to Jamaican patois again. Why?
Because my travel agent says so? Duh! Because AirJamica is running ridiculous
sales and I’m sure you’re dying to save a lickle, right? Then follow my lead and we’ll both be jammin’

Today’s word is a Patois word from Jamaica:


I’m never one to gossip, but when the agent spills the rum on a sweet opportunity to
splash around in tropical island water these are tings I just can’t keep to mi self! Don’t listen to me though and
don’t be crazy mon! Go see with your own two. Just remember AirJamaica and if
they ask who sent yuh tell them it wasn’t me. I’m serious!

You can expand your ‘Rasta Patois’ in several
ways. The most rewarding way is straight from the horse’s mouth, so you may wish to seek the knowledge from some West
Indian folks in your neighborhood. If you can’t learn anything that way due to the low number of West Indian peeps in
your circle, try watching films. The Rockers is an awesome
and entertaining starting point. The 25th anniversary edition DVD has great features, including a small Rasta Patois
dictionary. A good source on the net is Jamaicans dot com and Jahworks seems decent.

Patois words: satta, gwaan