Da Vinci Code Tours

Another bestseller, another literary tour. 

It really shouldn’t come as a great surprise that tour companies have already jumped on The Da Vinci
bandwagon.  The bestselling book practically reads as a travel guide, taking readers deep into
historical sites, churches, and museums across Europe.  And now, for just €20, you can do the same in

Having just finished the book, but not yet seen the movie, British journalist Ginny McGrath recently embarked on
the two-hour tour which began at the
Place Vendôme just outside the Ritz Hotel in Paris—the same place the book began.  Although, I
won’t bore you with the locations visited (anyone who has read the book can figure out where such a tour might
visit) I will tell you that McGrath seemed to have enjoyed the tour and her witty
guide—although McGrath does express some disdain and mockery for the slightly obnoxious American tourists in the

I found it interesting to learn that some of the locations, such as St. Sulpice, have posted notices discrediting
the accuracy of the popular book and correcting some of its misguided “facts.” 

McGrath also mentions similar tours and locations that can
be visited in London.  Go and check them out before the 5% of this planet who haven’t read the book, watch
the movie and decide to join the literary tour themselves.